Tuition & Hours


Fees are subject to annual adjustments. Tuition payments are equal from month to month and should not reflect holidays or vacation closures. Payments are due monthly in advance of service and are due on or before the 1st of every month.  Cash or checks made out to Heart and Hands are accepted.  Late payments will receive a $25.00 monthly fee. Pick-up after closing without notice and approval will receive a $25.00 per quarter hour fee. A registration fee of $175 is due upon enrollment and a yearly fee of $175 is due each August thereafter. You may extend care on an as needed basis as openings permit for an additional fee.

If you choose to withdrawal your child from Heart and Hands, a 30 day notice must be given in writing and full payment for the 30 days must be made, whether or not the child attends school.

Unless we receive your written consent, information regarding your child will not be released with the exception of that required by our regulatory and partnering agencies.  All records concerning children at our program are confidential.