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    It is the month of Maying and merry lads are playing

    Tra la la la la la la la la , tra la la la la la la!


    Dearest Parents,

    Happiest of May to you!  We really brought this month in right with our first field trip to a May Faire Festival.  It was a lovely day indeed!   What a wonderful community Live Oak is!  The children really took in all of the May Pole dances and loved eating strawberry shortcake!  I wonder where our next field trip will be!

    We certainly have been busy at Heart and Hands as of late and the grass is growing as well as our baby chicks!  They had their first trip outside just yesterday!  Many of our friends are in the process of being potty trained (not the chickens J) and we will be having more water play as the weather gets nicer, so please please make sure you child has extra clothes.  It just makes life a lot easier around here!  You are welcome to check their extra clothes box any time!

    During the month of May, we get to celebrate four birthdays:  Jake, Carmen, Beatrice, and Weston!  Happy Birthday to all of our little friends!  It is with a heavy heart that we have to say goodbye to Carmen and her dear family come June.  They will be moving back to Wisconsin and we will miss them very much!   With our goodbyes, we also have some hello’s to say!  We have had two new friends join as of late:  Sebastien and another sweet Jake!  Please help me in making them feel welcome!

    We have really been practicing having good manners at Heart and Hands.   I am always listening for pleases and thank you’s.  When the children finish their snacks or meals, they show a quiet flower and they are excused to put their dishes into the bins and get a towel to clean their faces.  This is something that could easily be implemented at home and it really works!  It teaches children that there is a time and place for trying our best, showing gratitude, and it also teaches patience.  I invite you to try it if the children have not already brought it home!

    The children have been making lot’s of potions, soups, and concoctions during play as of late and we are practicing not picking the flowers.  To balance this, I have been making “potion buckets” where I fill the bucket with things that they may use in creating.  It is working quite well!  If you would like to bring things such as flowers, grasses, seeds, etc. that the children would love, you are welcome to.  There will be a potion bucket by the front gate when you come in, in the morning.  It is gold and very magical!

    Please note that I now have a Blog on the homepage of our Heart and Hands website.  How cool am I?  J  I will post pictures, thoughts, and stories about our busy days at Heart and Hands.  My intention is to share our world with you and sometimes offer a little education at the same time.  I will also post my parent letters so that new families can read up!  I hope you will enjoy it!  The site is www.heartandhandspetaluma.com and the Blog is under Ms. Julie’s News.  I am really excited about it and I hope you will be too!  Any feedback is welcome!

    As we look toward the future, by the time the school year starts again on September 8th, I would like all of the children to have a fabric bag for their extra clothes, matching pillow (if they nap), apron, two napkins, and a mat for their place at the table.  You will receive more information about this in the future, but for now, I just wanted to put it in your ear.  If you are out and about at a fabric store, please help your child to pick out fabric that they like and will recognize later.  We will need 4 yards.  Please stray away from media or anything too loud.  I will provide you with a pattern later, but if you don’t sew, don’t worry!   I WILL HELP YOU!

    Mom’s, as I know you know, this Sunday is Mother’s Day and the children all have a surprise for you!  Please help me to remember to send them home on your child’s last day during the week.   With so many schedules, a little help is welcome!

    Just a reminder that we are closed May 25th for Memorial Day.  I hope that you are all able to be with your families.


    Blessings on your May!

    Ms. Julie

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